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Weber is a brand of Chartpak, Inc., located in Leeds, Massachusetts.  Our family brands includes a wide range of art materials. Learn more at

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AD Markers®

Chartpak AD Markers® have been used in Art and Design for over 40 years.  The Original AD Marker® is a xylene based marker that was the standard for illustrators before computer renderings became popular.  Today, the original AD Marker is known for their wide color range, exceptionally juicy ink capacity, blendable colors, and permanence. This marker features the trade mark Tri-Nib that allows artists to get a wide, medium and narrow stroke all in one marker. This marker is also famous for it's transferring ability of laser and copier images to a wide range of substrates from fabric, to wood, and more!


The Spectra AD® Marker is an alcohol based twin tip marker with a flexible brush nib on one end and a mini tri-nib on the other.  Colors are saturated and vibrant and offer artists all the benefits of this popular medium at an affordable price!

The latest addition to the AD® Marker brand are our art pads.  The marker paper in these pads has been specially designed with an anti-feathering agent to work with a wide range of marker media including alcohol, xylene, acrylic, India ink and more!  These marker pads also feature our innovative Ink Block Panel that protects your sheet from indentation and over saturation.

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Clearprint® Vellum Papers

Since 1933 Clearprint has been at the forefront of American innovation and design.  In the same year that it was introduced, Clearprint Vellum was used in developing the San-Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.  Since then, it has been the standard substrate for engineering projects like the B-17 Flying Fortress that helped win World War II, and all six orbiter space shuttles operated by NASA. Today, Clearprint Vellum is the same 100% cotton paper that was developed back in 1933, and its application has expanded from drafting and engineering to countless fine art uses, such as oil, acrylic and watercolor painting, paint markers, pastel and charcoal work, inks, printmaking, graphite drawings, and three dimensional sculpture.  Its uniquely delicate, transparent appearance is combined with an extremely durable construction that resists yellowing, cracking or ghosting, making it a remarkable alternative to traditional fine art papers.

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Since 1905, Grumbacher has been a brand trusted by students, professors, art conservationists, and professional artists throughout the US.  Today, we manufacture 3 grades of professional paint and 3 grades of collegiate grade paint in the United States. We also manufacture a wide range of artists grade mediums, brushes, paper, and accessories. We take pride in being an American manufacturer for the majority of our Grumbacher products!

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Higgins' black Eternal and India inks have been widely used around the world since 1880. Today, Higgins offers a wide range of pigment and dye based colors as well as specialty white and black inks.  Brilliant, artist quality colors are a favorite among artists and are made in the USA.

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Indigo Art Papers®

Handcrafted to perfection using 100% cotton rags, every Indigo Art Paper cold press sheet is exceptionally durable and features four natural deckle edges -- Even our wire bound books include the fourth deckled edge!

These papers are produced using an environmentally friendly process with no chlorine, bleaches, or harmful chemicals, these sheets are acid-free, internally and externally sized, and watermarked, suitable for all water-based media.

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Maco labels are made in the USA at our Chartpak plant. From address and all purpose labels to bright fluorescents, MACO has a wide selection of products to fit every need. We carry laser and ink jet printer label and card products, a huge assortment of multi-purpose labels and a wide variety of tag products. Presentations have impact, files are kept organized and mailings are a breeze with MACO.

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In 1999, Chartpak Inc. acquired Koh-I-Noor North America - famous for its world-renowned Rapidograph® Technical pens which are made in our plants in the United States, and partnered once again with Koh-I-Noor Europe to bring a cohesive line of professional drawing materials to the USA, Canada and South America.


The Koh-I-Noor line of drawing pencils has expanded from the classic graphite pencil to over 20 degrees of graphite, colored and aquarell pencils, pastels, blocks, watercolors, and a plethora of drawing accessories.

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Martin Universal Design®

Martin Universal Design, Inc. ( MUD, INC.) has been serving artists of all creative abilities since 1946. Our success is based on developing uniquely innovative products and bringing those products to creative people around the globe. Many of our products are patent protected and we feature the largest available range of artist furniture, drawing tables, wood and metal easels, artist palettes, portfolios and stowage.

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Mijello™ introduced Mission Gold Watercolors to the Korean and U.S. markets in 2012.  Today, Chartpak is the exclusive North American distributor for this prestige artist product line.  Mission Gold Watercolors are handmade, richly pigmented colors are combined with a special dispersant and aged in Korean pots to achieve maximum brilliance without artificial thickening agents.  This aggregate of elements gives superior brilliance, coverage and consistency of flow to Mission Gold Watercolors over any other watercolor available on the market today.

Along with the Mijello line of watercolors are the highly popular Mijello palettes.  Properties range from airtight, antimicrobial watercolor palettes, to the famous peel off palettes, giving watercolorists a wide range of accessories to use with their watercolor paints.

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Molotow has been making innovative artists paints for the last 20+.  They are known through out the graffiti and urban art scene as one of the best quality paints available.  Highly pigmented, opaque, and permanent, the same technology and thought behind their sprays are available in their acrylic pump markers. Chartpak is the exclusive North American distributor for these unique products made in Germany.

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For 125 years Pelikan has been known the world over for their fine writing instruments and children's art products. Chartpak is the exclusive North American Distributors for this well sought after brand.

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Schmincke has been creating the very best in artists' color since 1881. Their highly specialized manufacturing processes produce some of the best paints and pastels available to the professional artist. Chartpak is the proud exclusive distributor for this premier brand in the USA.

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Thalo is a diverse community of individuals that share a common passion for visual arts. Members of all skill levels interact and help one another to further their artistic endeavors. You might be an art educator, a street artist, a student at an atelier, or a casual artist looking to build some skills. We believe that the best artist community mixes all voices and experiences, no matter what your level of experience. We can all learn something from one another.

We have a huge library of videos and articles on art materials, studio safety, product demos, workshops, lesson plans, techniques, business and exhibition tips, and art conservation. This list grows every day with content contribution from our members and Chartpak expert staff.

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